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Blake Gets Fucked On The Pool Table

Watch Aaron Nail Blakes Ass In The Frat House Game Room Here

With all the other men out of the fraternity Aaron and Blake find themselves in a game of strip pool in the house game room. It’s just too bad for them that they both equally suck at playing pool and soon their both butt naked. Aaron give Blake an idea of what else he has in mind when he pokes Blake’s ass with his pool stick. The next thing we know the guys are both up on the table jerking on their cocks. Now that these young college men are horned up and rock hard a bored day in an empty fraternity house gets very hot and exciting.

Aaron makes the first move and reaches over to help Blake jerk his meat. Blake soon follows his lead and lends Aaron a helping hand jerking off as well. The guys hope off the table and Blake quickly gets to his knees in front of Aaron and immediately starts sucking his cock. Aaron then swaps places and soon has Blake’s fat dick buried deep down his throat.

Next Aaron bends Blake over on the pool table and slides his dick deep into his tight ass. After a good hard ass pounding Aaron helps Blake up onto the table again and with his legs over his shoulders he continues to pound away at his hole. Moments later Aaron pulls out to blast a volcano of cum onto Blake’s ass. Aaron then helps Blake reach his climax and again buries his face down onto his cock. This did the trick and Blake fires off a load into  Aaron’s face, making for one awesome ending to this hardcore gay ass fucking scene.

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