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Boys Take A Naked Swim And Fuck In The Pool

Anyone care to join these young guys for a nude dip in the pool? I know I would jump in, in a heartbeat!

I know you have seen pool sex scenes before, but this is a welcome first from this particular site. The fan favorite Jason is joined by the cute twink Kodi and leave the studio futon behind for a hot dripping wet pool scene.

The boys were eager to get wet and jump in the pool wearing just their underwear. After some playful water splashing, they then shed their undies and take a butt naked skinny dip.  When Jason finally takes a set in the shallow end of the pool, Kodi takes that as his cue to swim up between those legs and slurp up his already hard dick.

I loved those cute puppy dog eyes Kodi shot up at Jason while his mouth was stuffed with cock. Jason then grabs the back of his head and forces him pubes deep onto his shaft. Kodi then comes up for air and swaps places with Jason. Kodi is one hung boy and gives Jason quite the mouth full. As he sucks on his cock, Jason also fondles those nice low hanging balls.

Jason has some amazing blowjob skills as evident by all the moaning that Kodi was doing. Of course, if your a fan of this cute boy like I am you will already know just how vocal he can get during his gay sex scenes. Jason then turns his attention to this twinks gorgeous smooth ass and bends him over in the water to lick that sweet hole.

Once Jason finished giving him a good ass rimming he didn’t skip a beat and move straight to fucking. While grabbing a hand full of Kodi’s hair he slide his long cock fully into his tight little hole. Kodi cry out while arching his back, begging for even more cock!

After taking a hard pounding they switched placed and it was now Jason’s turn to bottom. Kodi hard him missionary style beside the pool and rammed him hard and deep. Soon he hit just the right spot which caused Jason to spuge all over his hard abs. After getting in a few more thrusts Kodi was ready to bust-a-nut and pulls out just in time to unleash a flood of fresh semen all over Jason’s still stiff dick.

What a steamy showing from two totally gorgeous young men. There’s sure not much hotter then watching horny wet boys fucking!

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One Response to “Boys Take A Naked Swim And Fuck In The Pool”

  1. kevin Says:

    Kodi Is so hotIve seen several of his videos and wondered if bsb has a dvd of Kodi’s sexual romps from the begining

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