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Tyler Has His Ass Pounded In The Bathroom!

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016


We’re all boozing up and washing up for the party and one frat brother tries to sneak a peak at us all bare naked. Guess this frat boy needed to be taught a lesson. We let him have his shower… only rule was he had to get slammed by all our dicks while he did it. Fuckin’ slut took all three of us while we continued our pre-drink and passed some green around to help loosen up. Tyler sure was loose by the time we were done pounding his hole in every damn direction.


Drunk Frat Boy Gets Filled Up With Cum

Saturday, October 11th, 2014

Drunk frat boy Angelo gets gay gang banged -1

Fraternity brother Angelo is once again passed out on the sofa drunk. So of course the frat boys piled onto him wanting a piece of that fine smooth ass. Kev, Grant and Shawn all took turns face fucking him before hiking up his ass and pounding his nice tight hole against the wall. Everybody shot big loads and Angelo wanted the juice as far up his ass as possible.

Drunk frat boy Angelo gets gay gang banged -2


Passed Out Drunk Frat Wakes Up To A Wild Fuck

Monday, December 24th, 2012

Now wouldn’t think be a nice way to wake-up in the morning? I was so excited to see this all new video from FraternityX debuting Jansen, a college jock who will turn gay once shitfaced drunk! At these wild frat house parties you know if you pass out your bound to wake-up with your dick out of your pants and maybe even in the mouth of another horny brother.

Jansen didn’t know of this fraternities reputation and after passing out on the floor he opens his eyes to discover a dude with blond hair bobbing up and down on his thick hard cock.  (more…)

Frat Buddies Breed Each Others Tight Holes

Saturday, December 8th, 2012

Time for some drunken frat buddy ass breeding! I’m sure many of us have had the thought or even dream of getting into a buds pants after he’s had a few to many drinks. With inhibitions lowered some straight guys can be talked into things they would never do while sober.

It’s not like muscle hunk Benny really needs the alcohol to share his ass with the fraternity but it does make for a even more wild fuck. Sure enough after five beers Benny is inside Jackson’s jeans slurping down his nearly ten inch cock. Benny’s ravenous appetite for dick isn’t satisifed by a mere cock sucking and be bends over to give up his muscular bottom.

After enduring some wild hard ass fucking from Jackson’s huge tool he invites another frat brother to join in. Jackson then shoves his dick into the smooth beautiful ass of this new kid, while Benny fills his mouth. All that gay threeway action brings them to a cum busting orgasm where tight holes get bread and mouths get creamed with man juice!

Twink Gets Luck With His Drunk College Roomie

Monday, August 6th, 2012

In my search for some hot new content to share with you on my blog, I found some very hot new videos from the popular Dick Dorm site. College is the time when most boys begin exploring their sexual desires, and that is the case for the cutie who is the center of this new video.

The boys are back in their dorm after a wild night of drunken frat parties, but the night of fun in this college dorm hasn’t ended. Nick has wanted to get in his roomies pants from the moment he noticed that huge bulge in his jogging pants. Tonight this cock loving twink is determined to get a close up look at the monster dick his room mate is concealing in his pants.

Nick finally talks his straight roomie into letting him suck his dick and while his buddy films them. After getting his big dick serviced he admits Nick gave him a better blowjob then his girlfriend ever has. Next after partaking in a few more hard drinks this dude is convinced to go to gay third base and fuck Nick’s tight little twink asshole.

Jose and Bently Take Two Raw Cocks At FraternityX

Monday, June 25th, 2012

Today I have a fresh new drunken party sex scene to share with you straight from the always horny men at the Fraternity X house. Jose and Bently being the resident bottom boys tend to see plenty of action and more college cock then they can possibility get their fill of. While these guys may claim they take it up the ass just for the money, we all know that’s not the full truth just by the looks on their faces while getting fucked alone.

After a wild night of parties Anthony and Seth are all horny and pair up with Jose and Bently to get their rocks off before they passed out drunk. Anthony and Seth drop their pants and get up on the couch to feed the two their big hard dicks. Usually the cute newcomer Myles is in on the action but this time he just getting in on some voyeur action, as he takes in the hot exhibition his frat brothers are putting on for everyone to watch.

This night it’s Jose who takes it to the next level and climbs up onto Anthony to impale himself down onto that bare stiff manhood. Next it looks like Bantly doesn’t want to be left out and bends over to let Seth drive his raw cock deep into his tight little asshole. Soon the four are fucking on the couch side by side as the rest of the frat dudes watched the orgy before their eyes. They then swap partners to see exactly which of them has the tighter hole.

After the switch it didn’t take long before Seth and Anthony brought themselves to a orgasm. They both then pulled out their bare cocks and sprayed their loads all over their sex partners backs. The feel of that warm jizz splattering on their backs did the trick and next thing we know Jose and Bently follows with their own cum shots. I can’t think of a better way to end a party, can you?

Drunken Fraternity Party Turns Into Gay Orgy

Saturday, December 3rd, 2011

Watch The Intense Ass Pounding Miles Takes In This Free Preview Vid

Getting passed out drunk at a frat party with a bunch of horny guys can have it’s consequences. Fraternity X is having another drunken party and when they noticed the new guy Miles is plastered these five horny young men decide to have a bit of fun and feed him their hard college cocks. Soon this freshmen becomes the bitch of the night as this house party soon turns into a full-blown gay orgy. Miles looks to enjoy the mix of pain and pleasure of getting ass fucked by the guys.

Drunken Frat Party Turns To Gay Gangbang

Friday, May 27th, 2011

Check Out The Entire Video Of Jackson, Krys and MJ Tag-Teaming Sebastian’s Ass

With all the partying that will be going on this holiday weekend, I thought I would share with you this hot drunken fraternity party turned full on gay orgy for some inspirational party ideas. I hope you kick off the summer season this weekend as exciting as these frat boys did! 

Jackson, Krys and MJ get the newest addition to the fraternity Sebastian, by feeding him beer though a bong till he is so drunk he passed out on the couch. The guys then have some fun with him by drawing on his face and spraying whipped cream onto his hand, so he would wake up and splat it on his face. Their little stunt worked and Sebastian covered his face with whipped cream. He was more then a little pissed off and chases the guys around the room till they pinned him down on the couch and Jackson whipped out his big cock and shoved it into Sebastian’s mouth. He puts up a bit of a fight but gives up easy and the guys have even more fun with him.

They wrestling him to the floor and wright “fuck my mussy” on his ass. Jackson is the first to take a turn and forces his cock deep into Sebastian’s tight ass hole. Jackson gives him a hard ass fucking and now the other two boys want their turn at riding his tight man pussy.  Next up MJ takes a turn and hammers away at Sebastian as Jackson moves in to feed his other hole his juicy thick dick. The guy throughly spit roast Sebastian with a hard fucking from each end. Krys is next up to bat and has Sebastian hanging over the arm of the couch as he plunges his long dong deep in and out of his now well fucked ass hole.

Once everyone had taken their turn inside Sebastian, he lays back on the couch and jerked his meat while the other three frat guys jerked their loads over top of him. Their little gay fraternity gangbang party ends in a real cum fest that leaves Sebastian drenched in his buddies jizz. Now that’s what I call a party to remember!

Drunk College Boys Get Tricked

Friday, February 4th, 2011

Watch The Complete Video Only At CFNM

Wasted drunk straight guys can be talked into almost anything by a cute girl and that is exactly what happens in this video. Three college guys get invited to a party where  they wind up partaking in some wild games of drunken debauchery. The girls at the party have these drunken boys playing spin the bottle, where if the bottle lands on them they must preform all sorts of naughty gay sex tasks. The first task their made to do his dance on the table naked. Once they accomplice their first task the girls take it up and notch and have two of the guys French kiss each other. That is the pint where things get really wild as the girl trick the guys into sucking on each others dicks and the ultimate task of licking their buddies asshole. It’s extremely hot just seeing just how far these young men are willing to go with each other when their hammered and surrounded by cheering ladies. The Cloth Female Naked Male or CFNM site gets some truly amazing looking men and I was suprised at just how hot these videos can get.

What percent of straight men do you think would go gay with enough alcohol?

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Random Frat Dudes In Their Undies

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

For today’s post I thought I would share a few amateur photos I have received from users recently. When college men and booze mix their always seems to be a few that (thankfully) just can’t seem to keep their cloths on. Hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed sharing them with you here on my blog.

Which of these eight photos is you favorite?

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