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Frat Boys Fuck Tyler’s Tight Asshole!

Thursday, December 8th, 2016


We don’t watch no gay porn. We like the bitches. So when our boy Tyler wanted to throw on a video of some dudes fucking each other. We threw his ass on the ground and made him our bitch. Taking turns nailing his fuck holes while watching some real porn.

Frat Boy Gets His Sweet Ass Fucked Raw

Friday, May 20th, 2016


We were all sittin around watching a match when I grabbed frat bro Gauge to show him how the wrestler on TV couldn’t be beat and the little bitch touched my dick!!! I called him out on it, and it turns out he’d touched everybody else’s dick too. So we had to teach that little gay boy a lesson. We bent him over the couch and all took turns slamming his ass raw. From there we fucked him all over the apartment while he went from struggling, to crying, to fucking enjoying himself and blowing a goddam load on his face!!! What a little pig slut. Guess he eneded up liking all our loads in his ass too :p SEE THE FULL VIDEO HERE TODAY



All New Frat House Bitch Boy Takes Dick After Dick

Thursday, October 29th, 2015


The boys and I were cruising around to pass the time and came across some punk-ass pussy bitch. The little fucker told us off so went after him “take-down” style. We dragged his lanky ass back to the car and then haled him up to the frat house. We kept him tied up in the closet so he can be our little house-bitch. Josh says we got a little too carried away this time…


Cocky Muscular Jock Gets His Virgin Hairy Hole Fingered

Wednesday, March 5th, 2014


Jaime is about as arrogant as they come. Spending all his time at the gym, he’s perfected a sculpted muscular body that makes everyone salivate. His continuous bragging in the men’s loo while he gets more and more dosed irks the guys around him. They decide it’s finally time to take control of this cocky jock and see what he’s really made of by stripping him down naked and playing with his hairy anus.


Four Frat Pledges Take Their Turn Getting Fucked

Tuesday, July 30th, 2013

At Haze Him fraternity they have a great unique way of welcoming new pledges to their frat. It all happens late at night when the new pledges are woken and stripped naked to have their tight hole pounded by their new frat brothers. Now that what I call a warm welcome party!



Every frat pledge takes a turn getting fucked




New Frat Pledge Danny Get Fucked Raw From Both Ends

Thursday, July 25th, 2013

When a new pledge joins fraternityx it doesn’t take him long to discover what it’s all about. The morning after Danny joined he and a few of his buddies where woken up to find his fellow fraternity brothers naked and waiting to have a go at his tight little ass. The know how to treat a new frat boy and stuff him from both ends with some extra large pricks!

Danny gets gang banged by his new frat brothers

New pledge boy Danny gets barebacked


Frat Loyalty Tested By Taking A Big College Cock

Thursday, October 25th, 2012

Each time a new pledge wants to join a fraternity it’s an opportunity for the frat brothers to come up with a creative way to torture the new freshmen who are willing to do just about anything to be excepted. This new pledge’s hazing consists of some head bobbing on a nice big cock. Down on his knees this freshmen lets one of the senior brothers fuck his face while enduring heckles from a group of frat men.

After showing the brothers his loyalty by sucking a cock this pledge is then told he much fuck another dudes asshole. Lucky for him they found the perfect newbie who is willing to take a dick for the team. As the boys fuck on the floor the group taunts them and even spanks their nice round young asses with the fraternities ceremonial paddle. The finish to this humiliating hazing ritual comes with the boys pounding each other on the steps until they both come to a cum drenching climax.

Frat Pledges Give Themselves Cum Facials

Saturday, September 29th, 2012

Look what I have for you here today. This fraternity comes to life in the middle of the night when all the new pledges are woken up out of bed and by the senor house brothers. After being forced out of bed the freshmen boys are told to strip out of their underwear to perform some butt naked push ups.

After some early morning exercises the young men are then informed out their next task, which is a beat off contest to see who can cum first. The newbies jerk up some impressive boners while being taunted by their elder frat brothers. The next hazing surprise for these pledges comes when their told they must give themselves cum facials.

Like good little sheep the boys all flip upside down on the couch and jerk their peckers till they spill their massive loads all over their faces. All this while enduring harassing taunts from their college fraternity bros!


Horny Cock Loving Boy Can’t Get Enough

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

I have been surfing porn online for quite some time now and I never tire of seeing the progression of straight guys in gay porn. It’s been nearly a year since Anthony was introduced to this sexaholic fraternity. Since then I have watched videos of him going from a reluctant cocks sucker, to a boy that just can’t seem to get enough cock.

He has pretty much given up on pretending to not like it, but any dude that can handle two huge boners at the same time clearly loves what he does.  Anthony may have started at the popular guy on campus for selling weed but he is now popular for a whole new reason.

After sucking off both or his buddies at the same time Anthony has his legs in the air ready for a good ass fucking. Bently known for being one of the most hung boys in this frathouse and even his ample manhood wasn’t too much for Anthony. As Bently stuffed his meat in Anthony’s ass,  Ethan straddles his face and stuffs his mouth.

This trio didn’t take it easy on his ass and took turns pounding his gay ass in several hot sex positions.  All that moaning and groaning coming from Anthony attracts the attention of the entire fraternity and cameras are out to capture all the voyeuristic action from these three sex addicted young men. Soon all that pounding has it’s desired effect and Anthony jerks out a load.

For the grand finally, Bently and Ethan both then fallow suit and spank out their own cum shots straight into Anthony’s wide open mouth!

Big Dicks Rule At This Fraternity

Wednesday, July 11th, 2012

Now this is a game I would bet has been played at more then a few frat houses. The out come may not be as gay as this, but I have little doubt dick size contents have happened in fraternities all over the world. How hot would it be to be part of these games?

In this new video the FraternityX brothers and a few newcomers to the frat all line up and hang out their cocks to see how measures up. Of course they all know the horse of the house Jackson would be the winner but it’s the poor new guy Trevor who comes up a bit short. After taking some teasing from the guys he then learns they have something special in mind for the looser of this little game.

It turns out the owner of the smallest dick is to be gangbanged by all the brothers in the house. Trevor takes the new like a real champ and soon finds himself on his knees as all the men shove their meat his his face. He jerks and sucks off all the other big dick dudes like a good little cocksucker.

Then Trevor gets a surprise when one of the brothers stuffs their huge tool up his ass while he was bent over sucking them off. Soon it’s an all out orgy as they all take a turn as punishing his tight asshole. This amazing game only ends after all the guys had shot their loads straight into Trevor’s ass.



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