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Frat Boys Get A Spanking and More

Saturday, October 16th, 2010

Watch This Free Preview and More at Haze Him

Five new fraternity pledges learn that there are serious consequences to breaking the rules. Dresses in black robes the elder frat brothers have some very interesting punishments in-store for their disobedient young pledges. The five bad boys are lined up and made to drop their pants. Next their forced to bend over and get their bare asses spanked by a huge wooden paddle. Even though their asses are cherry red, the brothers aren’t satisfied with their punishment. One of the guys that was enjoying the spanking is made to suck the dick of his fellow pledge and another pledge is even forced to get his ass fucked while all the guys watch. These amateur college videos just keep getting more and more crazy and I for one am loving it!

Crazy Southern Fraternity Hazing

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

Watch The Entire Frat Hazing Scene Here

Things get pretty wild at this southern fraternities hazing parties. Sixe new pledges are forced to endure getting tea-bagged and getting their asses waxed. The frat dorm party takes another twist when their dicks come out and their subjected to even more humility by sucking the alpha frat brothers cocks. Next up one lucky pledge gets his ass drilled by two different men. This boy takes it like a real man as all the brothers watch as he gets fucked doggie style in front of them.

Guys Get Wild At Fraternity House Dinner

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

Watch The Free Preview Of This College Hazing Here

Today I have for you some new clips from the newest video out of the Haze Him site. In this vid the freshmen frat pledges are made to do some very gay acts at a fraternity house dinner. The new men a humiliated by having food thrown on them and then things get pretty wild as their made to form a human train with faces to asses. As with all these type of videos the inevitability of sex is very possible and this one is no different. The guys are told to line up and take turns sucking their frat brothers boners. You would think that would be the end for these freshman but for a luck or unlucky (depends on how you look at it) few pledges, this was just the start and they then are made to bend over and spreed their cheeks.

Blind Folded Fraternity Pledge Gets Fucked

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

Watch The Preview Video For This Frat Hazing Here

So today I have for you some scenes from the newest video submission at HazeHim. This fraternity has their new pledge boy blind folded on the floor while the frat brothers have a jerk off contenst to see just who will being doing the ass fucking this time around. The game goes like this. Who even gives the new pledge boy the first facial gets to ride his ass. I guess this pledge is fucked either way you look at it. The rest of the brothers cheer them on as this cute young pledge bends over to take his hardcore hazing like a real man.

Naked Pool Party At The Fraternity House

Sunday, June 27th, 2010

Frat Dudes Have a Naked Pool Party

This is one hell of a getto swimming pool but hey, it’s summer and there’s nothing like a pool party with naked men galore! It looks like every one at this frat party are having fun except for the poor new fraternity pledges… (more…)

Frat Pledges Forced Into Gay Sex

Friday, June 4th, 2010

Fraternity guys get hazed naked

Watch The Pledges Get Initiated For Free Here

These eight pledges are about to find themselves in some very gay positions they would rather not be in. The guys are forced to undergo a series of tests by the older fraternity brothers. The first thing asked of them is to strip naked and get their cocks hard. It’ looks to me like some of them are having some difficulty getting hard in front of the other men. Next they get their cocks sucked by another man. The final task is to lay-down and get balls rubbed in your face by the oldest of the brothers. I don’t know about you but I think this should be the way all guys get initiated into their fraternity. Don’t you?

Teabagging Fraternity Pledges

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

Frat pledges have tea-bagging party

Watch The Full College Fraternity Hazing Video Here>>>

Today I have for you some pictures from the newest video at the hugely popular site Haze Him. The video titled “Get Some Hot Nuts” features eight young pledges brought together for some dick sucking and tea-bagging that is being demanded by their fraternity brothers. The pledge boys first strip down to see who has the bigger dick. One of the older frat brothers then team up a couple of the hot young pledges and got them unwillingly to suck each others cocks. Once that is over he has all eight men lay down as he teabags each of them rubbing his low hanging ball all over their faces and placed in their mouths. All  in an effort to humiliate them in front of the entire fraternity. I watched a few of the sites past videos and I have to say this one is the hottest yet!

Down And Dirty Frat Pledges At The Rodeo

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010


(Watch the preview Pledge Rodeo video Here)

Today I have for you some good ole country boys. Well they are at least country boys for the day. Six fraternity pledges are taken to the farm for some down and dirty hazing fun. The men get in on some naked hog chasing and even naked bareback racing games. Next all the guys head to the barn where the young pledges see how far they will go to be excepted. Two cowboys get a dildo in the ass and one gay pledge blows all of his soon to be brothers. All this while 20 some fraternity members watch the action from the sidelines.

College Dorm Glory Hole

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

>>Watch The Free Preview Video Of The Boys In Action Here<<

I cant believe length these pledges will go just to be a brother in the fraternity. A glory hole in set up on a dorm room bunk-bed and some pretty girls are just behind the wall telling the guys that there the ones servicing their cocks from the other side. Then instead, the girls are replaced with one of the resident cock hungry gay guys. The guys loved it thinking it was a bunch of girls sucking their dick. When they found out who it really was there responds was taken surprisingly well. Two of the guys are then convinced to have some semi anonymous anal sex through the glory hole. What normal horny young college guy would turn down and chance to get their dick wet. This is all just one of the college ritual videos sent in to HazeHim.

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College Hazing Barn Party

Friday, March 19th, 2010

So the men at one of our favorite east coast fraternity’s decided to throw their annual winter party/hazing and we all get to watch it unfold.

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