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Pledges Play Games Naked Before Fucking

Friday, August 16th, 2013

This weeks submission features an alternate version of a timeless classic slosh ball. but with a fraternity twist. The brothers had their pledges on their knees wearing jock straps constantly playing the outfield with no chance to score some runs. after the pledges had to line up and do the wiggle, so the jock straps came off and they had to wiggle their peckers in front of their brothers as they were ridiculed and laughed at. after that two lucky pledges were given the opportunity of a lifetime. they had to suck a dick or get the fuck out and seeing that these poor pledges wanted to be in so bad they took that dick to the mouth and one brave soul took it in the ass. in the end everyone was a winner. .

Johan Sucks Off Micky And Gets A Cum Facial

Thursday, August 1st, 2013

Johan deep throats Micky

My favorite frat man Micky is back getting sucked off by another handsome young frat named Johan. Micky looks amazing no mater what he does and this time after doing some hip thrusting face fucking, he then leans back to let his buddy Johan finish him off!

Johan gets face fucked

Johan rubs his ass while sucking dick

Fratmen Micky give a cum facial

Johan shows off his prize!

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Snowboarding Fratmen Stud – Tripp Heat Himself Up!

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

In an effort to heat things up on this cold winter day I have a sexy frat snowboarder with some wild skills and a super hot body. Once he's off the slops Tripp heats things up by sharing his sexy naked young body with us. His dick pokes out from his briefs while sexting nude pictures on his cell phone.

Tripp has some amazing energy which we see more of in the bedroom where he fucks the bed sheets to bring himself to a cum gushing climax! After that the fun continues in the shower where we watch this frat stud wash off the cum from his beautiful ripped naked torso! What a fantastic new Fratmen update!

Cole Introduces A New Fratmen Stud To Gay Sex

Friday, January 25th, 2013


Some fratmen newbie’s need some encuragement before they will give gay sex a try but with a little ego stroking from Cole, Carson is  lets his straight inhabitions down and takes it like a champ. Cole blindfolds this straight stud in the hopes it will help him be more adventurous but it wasn’t long before Carson had his blindfold off and Cole’s thick throbbing cock in his hand.

Once they where both naked Cole wasted little time before he was on his knees worshiping this muscular college studs big hard cock. Cole has some excellent oral skills and it wasn’t long before Carson was moaning in ecstasy.

Slutty Drunk Frat Boy Gets A Cum Dump Breeding

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013

Freshmen Morgan was invited to the FraternityX house for a workout and a drink. What this naive dude didn’t know is the rough workout they had in mind was really for his tight little asshole. After getting him stumbling drunk, the fraternity boys all worked to get him naked and get their dicks inside his ass. This shit-faced young man couldn’t get enough cock as they slammed their big raw cock into his college boy hole before finishing him off with a good ass breeding!

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Wake Up To The Sexy Fratmen Newcomer Cael!

Sunday, November 4th, 2012

On this Sunday morning can you imagine rolling over in bed to seeing this frat stud gazing back at you with those beautiful brown eyes? Or how around grabbing two handfuls of those plump round ass checks. I know I could imagine doing all that and more to this sexy Fratmen newcomer Cael.

Starting his debut video Cael unzips his pants and flops out his nice cock that curves to the left just a bit. Once he’s hard we join Cael in the bathtub for a sensual candle lit dick jerking scene. Once he toweled off that amazing nude physique we get to drool over his flawless bubble butt as he grinds his shaft into the bed. All that bed humping did the trick for this boy and he turns just in time to pump out a nice thick gusher!

Frat Alumni Burke Joins The Pad!

Saturday, October 27th, 2012

This week the fine group of men at The Fratpad are joined by a sexy frat alumni named Burke. This college jock has an amazing body and he doesn’t seem to mind getting up close and personal with the seven other hot guys in the house. The video below features some highlights of Burke first week at the pad.

From naked homoerotic games to a shared bath with one of his buds, Burke’s webcam shows sure can get heated.


Fratmen Do Gay Bondage

Sunday, October 7th, 2012

One of my favorite scorching hot sex scenes from Fratmen is the one between Jayden and Grady.  Jayden has is always the best at pushing straight men to the edge of the sexual boundaries and in this video that is take to the next level. Grady made it clear that he has a kinky side and Jayden is more then willing to help him explore that desire.

This gay bondage scene is unlike any that have been done before on the Fratmen site. Here Grady is blindfolded and has his hands bound behind his back while Jayden has his way with him. Grady endures everything from being force face fucked to having his tight little frat boy butt finger fucked. The cum drenched ending happens with both men in bed jerking and sucking their way to a climax!


Two Horny Frat Men Fulfill Viewer Requests

Thursday, July 19th, 2012

Now this is a hot sex tape! It’s a different kind of video that I have never seen from this site before and I have to say I love it! This week two Fratmen favorites Cole and (my personal favorite) Neil are taking requests from some female viewers that love watching gay sex.

Cole with his hairy hunk of a body and Neil with his dark smooth physique make for an awesome pairing. The expression on Neil’s face is so priceless, when he learns of the list of sexual requests viewers want to see from them. I have watch both of these “straight” frat dudes before so I know there not a innocent as they first let on.

They start off fulfilling on request by locking lips on a hot kiss. After a bit of horsing around they grab onto each others cocks and jerk them hard. Once they where sporting nice big boners these horny guys engage in a childish yet sexy swordfight game with their cocks.

For their next request they practice their oral dick sucking skills on each other. After servicing each other, the guys tease each others virgin assholes with the fat heads of their cocks, with Cole temping to sinking his pole deep inside Neil’s tight little ass. I have to say I really loved watching Cole’s hairy ass pump up and down as he grinds his cock agents Neil’s.

Finally all that cock sucking and hole teasing pays off and the scene ends with both of these beautiful young men delivering up two (not to be missed) tremendous cumshots. Enjoy!

A Twink Fucks A Horny Hunk For Your Hump Day!

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

For your over-the-hump Wednesday, I have a new video I thought was pretty amazing and knew I had to share it on my blog. There’s a lot of dick sucking going on in this one, and the ass fucking by this horny twink is so damn hot to watch. That’s right, this time it the twink that tops the college hunk!

Jake just turned 18 and will be off to college in a few months, but before he leaves he wants to do some sexual experimenting with another guy. He’s not ready to bottom yet but lucky for us they find him a horny gay dude on campus that is ready and willing let this twink fuck him. Corey is 21 and likes slim younger men so Jake is perfect for him.

After helping each other out of their clothes, Corey doesn’t waste any time in getting his hands on naked Jake. They start off swapping blowjobs and then give 69ing a try. I can only image how hot the view Corey was getting of this boys smooth virgin ass was while they 69 each other.

Now that they where both pretty horned up, Corey finally offers up his ass for Jake’s big dick. With Corey on his stomach Jake began plowing deep into his hole. They fucked long and hard in several different sex positions on the bed. In the end Corey found himself in the missionary position with Jake driving it home between his legs.

Soon all that ass fucking had Jake on the verge and he pulled out just moments before firing off a cumshot that nearly hit Corey in the face. Corey then begin jerking even more furiously and with a load moan he shot out his own big wad of jizz.

After the pounding he gave Corey, I’m sure Jake will be ready to take on some of those hot boys he is sure to find away at college!

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