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Carter and Trevor Both Get Fucked By Their Horny Frat Bros!

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

Today the frat house fun begins when the brothers get sick of Carter’s big mouth and all decide to give him a mouthful to shut him up. They all gang up on Carter and hold him down while all four men take turns fucking his big mouth. Next it’s Carter’s asshole that gets stuffed as all four men gang bang his tight ass.

While Carter was getting force fucked by his frat bros. Trevor slides under between his legs and sucks his cock till he unleashes into his mouth. Instead of being a forced punishment Carter rather enjoys the bondage and having his orifices filled with big cock. The dudes all then finish him off by breading his hot hole with their warm seed!

The guys weren’t finished there and then turned their attention to Trevor’s fine smooth ass and all then take their turn ramming his hungry hole!

payback_fraternityx1 payback_fraternityx2

Jersey Muscle Boy Swallows His First Dick

Sunday, September 16th, 2012

Do you remember the first time you had a cock in your mouth? I would be willing to bet that you do and I know I sure remember my first. A few weeks back this stunning muscle lad received his very first gay blowjob from Zane. Today it’s New Jersey boy Johnny’s first time ever to suck off another dude off and you can bet he’s a bit nervous since it’s all going to be cough on video.

He’s teamed up with the sexy redheaded stud Spencer (aka The Red Rocket). He’s broke in many a straight boys in his run on the site and his muscular build makes for a great match for Johnny. Spencer isn’t on bit shy on camera and that helps make Johnny more relaxed for his first time giving gay oral sex.

After missing around with each other shirtless wearing only their underwear these guys strip down and get busy servicing each other. Spencer shows Johnny how it’s done once again by downing his big hard shaft. It’s didn’t take long before Johnny forgot about his nervousness and was laying back to enjoy his own BJ.

After that Spencer instructed Johnny to get into the 69 position and they swap blowjobs. With a mouth stuffed with Johnny impressive dick, Spencer spreads those beautiful ass cheeks and to admire Johnny’s virgin boy anus. I’m sure Spencer is thinking he would love to have a go at that wonderful sexy ass and I should would love to watch.

After the boy finish 69ing, Johnny goes down between Spencer’s thick thighs to swallow up his hard bone. All while giving Spencer head Johnny surprisingly remains hard himself. Finally with Spencer straddling his face and feeding him his cock, Johnny spanks out his own amazing cumshot. Spencer then goes on to jack out a healthy wad out onto Johnny’s gorgeous abs coating them in his pearly white spunk.

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Busted Sniffing Dorm Buddies Underwear

Saturday, September 15th, 2012

This video really grabbed my attention when I discovered it this morning. It was those beautiful male physiques that first caught my eye but it was also the plot of this gay porn that I could relate to as well. Like me I’m sure a few of my blog readers have a underwear fetish and have maybe even snatched a pair of undies from a sexy best buddy or roommate.

It begins with Jacques returning from a hot day to his dorm and stripping out of his clothes to catch a quick shower. His roommate Andrew walks in and notices his roomies clothes scatted all over the living room floor. Andrew takes the opportunity to admire and sneak a good whiff of his sexy buds underwear.

Just as he stuffs those used briefs in his face Jacques walks in and busts him in the act. Instead of getting angry he drops his towel revealing his hot nude jock physique and invites his horny dorm mate over. Andrew immediately drops to his knees to worship Jacques huge thick cock.

Jacque wraps his towel around andrew and begins fucking his handsome roomies cute face. Andrew savors every long inch of that big dick and swallows deep with every thrust into his mouth this dude gives to him. Jacques is in ecstasy as this cock starving boy works his long hard shaft.

While enjoying his blowjob Jacques begins exploring Andrews tight little asshole with his finger. Andrew then climbs up onto Jacques lap and impales himself of that enormous 9″ cock. Soon Jacques is recklessly slamming away at that smooth twink ass of Andrews in every thinkable sex position.

After awhile all that ass pounding has it’s reward and Jacques pulls out to give his horny young roomie a amazing cum facual. With his face covered in cum Andrew takes his turn and wanks out a tremendous load of his own all over his smooth flat stomach.

Fratpad Benji Ambushed During Webcam JO Video

Saturday, September 15th, 2012

Crazy things are always happening at The Fratpad house of horny college men. The video clip in this post has Rico and Vincent ambushing their buddy Benji while he is doing his weekly webcam JO session. The guys wait till Benji has his cock in hand and jump naked into bed with him to rub their crotches on his face and hump on that beautiful ass. I can only imagine what it must be like to be in a house filled with beautiful men like these!


Hairy Young Dude Rubs One Out

Thursday, September 13th, 2012

The guy I have to share with you all today is so extremely hot I couldn’t wait to do this post. Josh Long is yet another amazing additions to the College Dudes selection of beautiful young men. What makes this 19 year old dude standout isn’t just his handsome face or his lush dark chest hair, it’s also that nice sized college cock that makes for the total package.

If your like me you may even notice Josh’s resemblance to Zac Efron from a recent role where he had scruffy facial hair. Josh looks to be completely relaxed on camera he keeps that sexy smile on his face while stripping down to sharing his delicious body with us. Once standing fully nude before us Josh turns to let us view his furry round ass.

Soon this horny hairy boy has a nice large bone worked up and he sits down on the chair to begin his awesome self pleasuring video. While pounding his meat Josh’s free hand explores his furry body and fondles his hairy balls. Josh proves just how comfortable he is when then pulls apart his buttcheeks to provide us a peak at his tight butthole.

As he jerks away at his stiff cock he continues looking straight into the camera to shoot us those cute puppy doog eyes and give us a coy grin. Finally laying on his back with his legs in the air Josh reaches his climax. Seconds later he milks out a nice creamy load of cum out onto that hairy hard stomach. I don’t know about you but I could watch this rugidly handsome young dude bust-a-nut over and over again all day long!

Wet ‘n Wild Gay Orgy In The FraternityX Bathroom

Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

Another drunken frat party has Anthony passed out on the bathroom floor. When his fraternity brothers find him laying on the floor barley still away they all decide to have some fun with their little buddy. Soon a spontaneous gangbang orgy breaks out filled with piss, beer and of course plenty of fresh jizz.

After giving Anthony a shower of piss and beer the guys tied him up to the toilet and all take a turn tag teaming his gay ass. Ethan is the lucky guy to have the first go at his fine young ass and ends his turn by raining down cum onto Anthony’s face. Next up it’s Myles who takes his turn shoving his huge raw shaft deep up Anthony’s tight drunken boy asshole.

Myles ends his first barebacking Anthony by nutting all over his ass crack. Finally the final ass assault comes from Jose who fucks his hole like a wild man. Covered in piss, beer and cum Anthony still manages to jerking out his own cumshot leaving him one messy drunken frat boy.

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Blond Stud Wanks His Thick Uncut Cock

Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

Wouldn’t you just love to be in the room while as this young stud takes off his clothes? I pretty sure I can guess that answer. Jayden is just 21 and looking to make some extra cash by sharing his delicious nude male physique with us. This former military dude has a slim athletic jock body build with flawless definition that is sure to make your mouth water.

Jayden is a perfect match for the ChaosMen site that is usually very successful in getting straight guys in on some man-on-man sex. Hopefully that is the case with this beautiful guy. For his solo Jayden treats us to a great look at his sexy body while he’s shirtless in just his underwear.

From the moment he dropped his underwear, Jaden was rock solid sporting a nice thick uncut dick. Jayden begins stroking his foreskin back and forth over his fat manhood while hovering over the camera lens. He then heads back over to the leather couch where he gets himself all horny while sharing more of himself with us.

One of may favorite parts of Jayden’s solo was watching him bent over the back of the couch showing his plump smooth round ass and jerking his meat between his muscular thighs. For a straight boy Jayden wasn’t all that shy about spreading his cheeks to let us see that pretty pink virgin asshole.

After some rapid cock jerking Jayden’s muscular torso tighten and his breath became more rapid. Finally out shot a spectacular cum shot that left this sexy dude with pools of jizz on his ripped abs. I really enjoyed watching Jayden’s debut solo and hope you will as well. Keep checking back to see if they do indeed get this hottie to get that wonderful uncut boner services!

Josh Is Feast For Lovers Of Hairy Young Men

Monday, September 10th, 2012

If your a fan of hairy men then your going to absolutely love the handsome young guy I have to share with you all today. Josh Long (appropriately named) is 24 has a rugged sex appeal that is so very very sexy. I just wonder does anyone else see a remarkable resemblance in this gay porn star to a popular male celebrity? Zac Efron with facial hair maybe? See my full blog post and decide for yourself.

A Absolute Gorgeous Young Stud

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010



Cute Guys From The Locker Room

Thursday, January 7th, 2010


Today we have for you a few hot candid jocks naked from inside the locker room. How on earth do they get these pictures without getting cought it what I want to know.

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