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Frat Newcomer Shares His Big Uncut Dick

Monday, February 25th, 2013

The weeks new frat man to drop his pants is one with all the sexy physical characteristics of a European, all the way to his big uncut cock. After a pick-up game of basketball Hugo moves inside to pound his uncut meat. While in the shower we get to enjoy this jocks beautiful body as water streams down his ripped hairy torso and over his smooth flawless bubble butt.  After his steamy shower Fratmen Hugo gives us another great show in bed where he jerks off too a cum gushing finish!

Snowboarding Fratmen Stud – Tripp Heat Himself Up!

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

In an effort to heat things up on this cold winter day I have a sexy frat snowboarder with some wild skills and a super hot body. Once he’s off the slops Tripp heats things up by sharing his sexy naked young body with us. His dick pokes out from his briefs while sexting nude pictures on his cell phone.

Tripp has some amazing energy which we see more of in the bedroom where he fucks the bed sheets to bring himself to a cum gushing climax! After that the fun continues in the shower where we watch this frat stud wash off the cum from his beautiful ripped naked torso! What a fantastic new Fratmen update!

Meet The Voyeuristic New Freshmen Milo

Thursday, December 6th, 2012

Today’s fresh face new Fratmen pledge is Milo. Just from watching Milo’s preview video I can tell this kid has a real voyeuristic personality. He doesn’t waste any time in getting those jeans pulled down and his nice frat cock flopped out over his underwear. Now sure what was on the mind of his handsome college dude, but he was semi-erect from the moment he unleashed that ample sized manhood from his jeans.

While naked in the pool Milo pops his hairy ass up out of the water to give us a up-close inspection. Once he had finished teasing us in the pool Milo heads off for a quick shower. All that sudsing up of his masculine physique must have got this boy pretty aroused and before we know it he jerking wildly under the stream of water. He continues his dick wanking session in the bedroom where after grinding his shaft into the bed he turns over to double fist pump out a huge jet stream of man cream!

Fratmen Micky Nude Self Pics

Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

I have to started today’s post by dating myself by saying “Oh Mickey your so fine you do blow my mind!”. Anyone reading this born before 1982 should pickup on that reference. Anyway I just had to go there. Micky has always been one of my very favorite Fratmen and this time his stunning beauty is captured in some amazing nude self pics from his cell phone.

After enjoying this young frat studs flawless naked muscular in the mirror we get to enjoy some new footage of Micky humping his silk bed sheets. As if watching that firm ass thrust up and down wasn’t sexy enough, Micky then folds the pillow and fills the silky hole with his big throbbing college cock. Next comes a shower jerk off scene that has Micky panting in ecstasy as he rapidly pumps his suds up stiff dick! Micky is sure one hot little fucker!

Dan Gives Himself A Huge Cum Facial

Thursday, October 11th, 2012

This hot young 18 year old is eager to share his body with us and jerk his fat dick on camera. I fell in lust with Dan from the moment I spotted his debut video a few days ago. Dan is straight and even shares a few stories of his sexual experiences with us all while massaging his cock through his pants.

Once he is hard Dan sheds his pants and begins stroking his thick dick seductively, while we get to admit his flawless nude physique. At the request of the cameraman this beautiful barley legal boy then turns to show us his perfectly round and plump young ass. While sitting on the end of the bed, Dan breaths heavy as he begins jerking himself off more and more vigorously.

This horny boy then climbs up into bed and roles over onto his stomach to spread those beautiful butt cheeks. For being a “straight boy” I swear I recognize that look on his cute face as a “come fuck me” look as he look back at the camera. While on his stomach Dan pulled his cock back between his legs and began jacking wildly while he checked out his virgin hairy hole.

As he closed in on a climax Dan leaned back against the headboard and focused on getting himself to a orgasm. Soon Dan’s wildly bouncing balls began to tighten as he neared a climax. Sure enough with a gasp of breath Dan fired tremendous load that hit him square between the eyes. Once he came down from his orgasm Dan smiled coyly looking quite proud of the self cum facial he just gave himself! DOWNLOAD HIS ENTIRE CUM FACIAL J/O VIDEO HERE


Horny Hunter Jerks His Big Teen Cock

Friday, September 28th, 2012

I almost think beautiful is an understatement for this cute 18 yr. old twink. Hunter Page is one amazing looking boy with a killer hot bod and huge dick. He has a perfect look for porn and he gives us an amazing solo performance here in his debut video.

Hunter starts off by sharing with us some of the wild sexual locker room fantasies that he has had thanks to his years spent wrestling in high school. Being a former college wrestler myself I can defiantly relate to those fantasies he has had. From there Hunter began dropping his clothes teasing us with more and more of his young male physique along the way until he was standing before fully nude.

He then made us of the chair in the room and bent over the back sharing with us his beautiful smooth round ass. Hunter reaches back to spread his cheeks wide so we could all view his hairy hole. He then proceeds to caress his finger around his tight little butt hole leading me to believe Hunter would be a fantastic bottom boy after all.

Turning back around this horny teen begins to slowly stroke his long dick while biting on his lip flirtatiously. Soon all his self pleasuring had it’s effect and Hunter busted out a huge cum shot. I can’t personally think of a better ending, then seeing this handsome lean lad covered in his own fresh jizz. Hunters solo video sure made for one incredible morning jerk!

Horny Teen Fucked By His Favorite Dildo

Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

First impressions of this cute 18 year old would be that he is sweet and innocent. Well, I quickly learned that Bryce is no innocent boy when he shows us the sex toy he brought from home to try out on camera!

During his interview we also learn this sexy young guy is up for almost anything sexually. Anything from ass rimming to water sports Bryce is open to give it a try. Normally I would be disappointed in just watching a solo from such a sexually ambitious boy, but after watching his full video I was anything but disappointed in Bryce.

After stripping down to just his sexy baby blue undies Bryce begins rubbing up a nice hard-on for us. If wasn’t long before Bryce was naked and dripping pre-cum from his hard dick. After licking the pre-cum drop from his head Bryce next slides his wet finger into his tight little butthole.

All that finger fucking was just to get him loosened up for his favorite dildo. Bryce didn’t skip a beat in quickly shoving the toy up his ass, working it in and out like a real champ. As horny as this boy got himself it was pretty clear he wouldn’t last long. Sensing he was near a orgasm Bryce flipped upside down over the side of the bed to jack onto his face.

He got some frenzied in his jerking that he ended up missing his face but there was no way he was about to let all that fresh jizz go to waste. Bryce then scooped up his load from his chest and licked his hand clean. After this exciting first time solo J/O video I can only imaging what will come next from this dirty dirty boy!

Sexy Male Cheerleader Rubs Out Two Cumshots

Saturday, August 18th, 2012

Today is the return of a gorgeous young college male cheerleader named Riley. I missed his video the first time around so this was a welcome second look at this sexy boy. Riley starts his scene in the pool before making his way inside to reveal even more of his tone athletic body.

Riley gives us a great tour of his ripped muscular body in the shower before jerking out a load onto the shower room floor. We get a sample of the cheerleader energy as he then goes for a second orgasm, this time on the living room couch. He grinds on the couch before finally turning over to stroke out a equally impressive cumshot as the first.

Muscular Fratmen Newcomer – Bradley

Friday, June 1st, 2012

Week after week I’m impressed with the beautiful frat men that continue to drop their clothes for the camera’s at Fratmen. Today’s fresh-faced stunner is Bradley, here to share with us a seductive head to toe tour of his muscular young body. Once out of his jeans Bradley starts by giving us a sneak peak at his manhood while pulling down his underwear.

The ultimate provocative scene comes when we join Bradley and all of his naked masculinity in the shower. I have never been accused of being size obsessed, so for me what Bradley may lack in the manhood department, he more then makes up for with his muscular perfection.  After we watch Bradley give his body a full rub down and stroking up a hard cock in the shower, we then join him back in the bedroom.

I never tier of watching these guys humping the bed and Bradley’s smooth bubble butt is beyond exceptional to watch. After enjoying the view of his ass grinding up and down Bradley then turns back over and succeed in giving us a big cum gusher that pools on his ripped abs. Now that he got his first porn video out of the way, I hope we get to see Bradley put that amazing body into action!

Watch A Preview Of Bradley In Action Here On Fratmen.tv

Fratmen Newcomer Edmond Shares His Fantastic Body

Monday, May 21st, 2012

There have sure been quite a few impressive looking dudes showing up popular gay porn site in recent months and Fratmen’s newest model is sure no exception. Edmond is about as close to perfection as they come with his handsome face, big cute smile and fantastically ripped young body build. He’s the quintessential all-American male and even though the site doesn’t give us any really personal information, all we need to know is that he’s one smoking hot guy!

Frat newcomer Edmond seems to really enjoy his first debut in front of the camera and his energy is exposed as he lathers up his wonderful bubble butt and strokes his amply-sized dick in the shower. After toweling off his squeaky clean nude body, we join him once again in the bedroom where he can focus more on bringing himself to a spectacular on-camera orgasm!

See The Free Preview Of Fratmen’s Newest Model Edmond Here

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