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Hot-bodied College Jock Strokes Off His Uncut Cock

Monday, March 17th, 2014


Liam’s a tall, buff, studly college guy that’s friendly, eager to smile and laugh, and was admittedly a bit nervous stripping down and stroking off for us.

“Hopefully it’ll go well!”, he laughs. Once you see this handsome guy’s body I think you’ll agree it went quite well.

In what I’ve noticed is a bit of a recurring theme, Liam’s first time came about after his girlfriend took the lead and dragged him upstairs for some action at a party. The stereotype is it’s always the guys taking the lead but it’s fairly fascinating to think so many of these hot, young, hot-bodied guys didn’t lose their virginity until a girl took charge and initiated everything.

While Liam has a very youthful face, his body is all man! He works out a lot, though only started doing so when he was 17. He’s made the most of his couple of years in the gym, though – that body is amazing!


College Jock Busts Two Loads On His Ripped Abs

Wednesday, January 15th, 2014


Burton is one sexy ripped young man with brownish red hair and a cute smile. This hot college jock keeps his body fit by rock climbing and playing sports. Today however he’s working up a sweat by stroking his big fat cock for us and unleashing two fabulous creamy loads!





College Jock Jerks Off After A Intense Workout!

Tuesday, December 17th, 2013


Jason Keys is in ridiculous good shape with a pretty big dick on him. After an intense work out, this sweaty college jock drops those sexy compression shorts and jumps in the shower to clean up that hard body. Jason gets himself hornier then ever as he rubs his naked body down with soap. Returning to the bedroom squeaky clean and ready to make another mess by covering those muscular abs in fresh jizz!


All American College Jock Strokes His Fat Dick

Sunday, December 8th, 2013


There is nothing like an All American college jock to get me all excited! Cash is the newest hot young stud to drop his jeans for a jerk on Fratmen and this handsome hunk give one hell of a show!



Frat Jock Shows Off Naked On His Webcam

Thursday, November 28th, 2013


Jaxon has a pretty consistent routine of going to gym to exercise, hit the showers and head back to his dorm room. It’s customary for athletic college jock to make use of his camera phone to measure the results of his routine work out results and sometimes admire his body completely naked. Today Jaxon makes his webcam scene public and we all get to drool over this muscle jocks flawless beauty!


Fraternity Jock Tugs His Fat Cock In First Porn Video

Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

Today it’s a beefy football college jock I have for you to feast your eyes on! Andrew is 21 year old quintessential fraternity boy who loves sports and girls. Even through this was his first time on camera naked this hot jock appeared perfectly comfortable and happy to be sharing himself with us.

After posing on the football field shirtless in his gym shorts Andrew continues his debut solo inside where we get to explore every inch of his muscular athletic body while he jerks it. What surprised me was this young jock wasn’t a bit shy about allowing us to check out his nice hairy ass while he tugged on his cock. Finally with a firm grim on his amazing ass Andrew pumps out a nice large cream load for us! Wow what a sight!

College football hunk gets naked!

College football jock jerks his fat cock
Preview Andrew In Action Here On Corbin Fisher Today

Groped College Lad Has Hairy Asshole Probed

Monday, January 7th, 2013

Today I found beautiful Billy on an all new site Groping Hands. I never could get tried of seeing this European college boy naked, with his tone athletic young body looking so sexy and his flawless uncut cock spraying jizz! After they strip Billy down to his tighty-whitie briefs where they sneak inside his underwear and grab a handful of his nice package.

From there it isn’t long before this cute young stud is totally nude and those hands are all over his gorgeous body. Up on the table with his hairy ass exposed those probing fingers finally find their way into his tight manhole. Billy winces as they penetrate his hole with a thick butt plug.

Finally this school boy is brought to a creamy orgasm with the help of those jerking hands wrapped tightly around his uncut meat!

See This School Boy And More Erupt On Groping Hands

Twinky Gymnast Lad Gets Naked On Active Duty

Tuesday, December 4th, 2012

Twink lovers are sure to want a piece of Active Duty’s newest recruit Sean. This cute 19 year old twinky lad was a gymnast in high school and now he’s exposing his wonderful fit young body here in his very first porn shoot. Sean with his slender smooth body isn’t the type of guy I would normally expect from this site known well for it’s masculine military men, but I’m sure not complaining at all.

Having just watched Sean’s solo video I can tell you this kid is simply amazing. Sean begins by slipping his jeans down over his plump round butt teasing us with just a peak of that beautiful ass, as we check out the nude reflection of his tone and nearly hairless body in the mirror. Once this boy is fully naked he quickly gets to work tugging on that nice thick dick.

While jerking himself off Sean bends over on all fours practically begging to have that totally smooth ass fucked hard. Being a gymnast Sean bent that little nude body into some interesting positions while masturbating. My imagination goes wild with the fascinating sex positions this athletic gymnast could get that flexible body into once paired up with another guy on camera! Until then I’m happy to watch this young guy jerk that delicious dick to a spectacular youthful orgasm over and over again. Enjoy!

The Vision Of A Flawless Campus Jock

Sunday, November 25th, 2012

When you picture the image of a campus jock a hunky man like Payton is sure to come to mind. He’s young, handsome, masculine and oh how about that perfect dick! As this new fratmen hunk sneaks down his jean we are slowly teased with what he was hiding under those clothes. Soon enough out flops a nice thick dick that is already growing stiff.

Payton personifies the college jock of your dreams and during his solo video he shares every inch of that ripped athletic nude physique with us all. From the gym locker room to the shower and finally the bedroom Payton puts on quite a erotic dick stroking session. Myself I’m an ass man and Payton has that flawless ass we all dream of having the opportunity to worship. So today treat yourself by watching Payton’s amazing video!

Muscle Boy Doesn’t Know What A Stud He Is

Monday, November 19th, 2012

I love a guy who’s a stud but doesn’t know it. After watching Ron’s debut video I really believe that’s the case with him. Ron has a ripped muscle jock body of a praised fighter but it turns out he is such a nice guy he’s never been in even one fight. Starting off in his first time porn shoot Ron begins by lifting some weight to show off those amazing big biceps.

After pumping some iron we then join this beautiful young man on the cough where the real show begins. Ron is naked in a matter of minutes and we get to enjoy his flawless nakedness in all it’s glory! Ron jerks up a boner for us fairly fast and at the camera man’s instruction he turns to give us a look at his perfectly plump ass.

Kneeling on the floor Rod’s dick points straight out as he grins coyly and lets us admire is body even more. Once Ron is told to do the deed it didn’t take him long to begin himself to a climax. Pounding his beautiful fat pud on the couch this muscle jock finally blast out a gusher that squirts clear over his shoulder.

After the wonderful cum shot Ron gave us, we then follow him into the shower to watch him suds up that amazing hard body. Ron didn’t let us know on camera the odds of him returning but I for on can’t wait to see him paired with one of those other amazing Sean Cody men!

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