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Cute Rugby Jock Gets A Full Body Physical

Wednesday, November 14th, 2012

Those European college jocks look so damn sexy on the field in their Rugby shorts. Wouldn’t you all agree? Well they look even better nude with their legs in the air having there virgin straight boy asses poked and prodded by horny trainers on the CMNM site. One such rugby jock named Yuris is caught on camera as he gets a complete and thorough athletics physical.

This sexy athletic boy  puts up a bit of a fight but soon gives into the trainers and lets them have their way with his beautiful naked body. The begin the exam of his heavy ball sack and delicious uncut college cock. Being a player on this team has it’s price and once up on the exam table Yuris finds out just what the price it by having his ass explored by medical instruments and the probing fingers of his trainers.

This young blue eyed stud takes it all like a good sportsmen and by the end Yuris even gets to unload those heavy balls, with a little help of course from his trainers.


Football Jock Gets Naked

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

From watching this former high school quarterback’s debut porn shoot, it’s clear “some guys just have it all”.  Coleman takes hotness to a whole new level with his charming personality, handsome good looks and a beautiful flawless body. His video starts with a nude dip in the pool and just gets even hotter from there.

After we savor this jocks fully exposed hard wet body by the pool we then join him inside where he shows us what that cock looks like rock solid.  Coleman really gets into pumping that hard shaft on the couch and then down on his knees. Kneeling on the floor jacking his what brought this stud to his climax.

I would expect nothing less then and perfect cumshot from this stud and sure enough that is what he delivered. On his knees with his long cock pointing straight up at his face coleman shot out a impressive load that left his muscular abs coated in cum. That wasn’t even the finish to this video and we then got to join Coleman in the shower where he cleaned up that glorious mess he made and then managed to jerk out a second load onto the shower stall floor!

Sean Cody has been on the top of their game this year with the introduction of many amazing men and for me Coleman is near the top of the list in my book. Now lets see if they can get him back for a little guy on guy action. Wouldn’t that be a hot sight to see?

Beefy College Dude Explores His Asshole

Thursday, October 18th, 2012

Today I have to share with you all a buff 23 year old college dude jock named Dennis Slade. This guy has long desired to be in porn and now he’s got his chance. With a great muscular build this beefy stud is sure to appeal to many men and women alike.

After strutting his stuff for us shirtless Dennis finally gets fully naked and shows off his already rock solid college cock and nice tight buns. From the start I through this was going to be the usual straight dude rubbing one out video but I soon learned this boy had something else in mind for us.


Frat Jock Masturbates With Help From Sex Toys

Saturday, October 13th, 2012

The newest model to appear naked in front of the Fratmen camera’s is a muscular jock named Cason. He keeps his amazing body in perfect shape at the gym daily and in this video we get to join him for his workout routine the ends in a cum busting j/o session.

We first get to enjoy Cason going for a dip in the pool wearing nothing more then his underwear, which once wet show the outline of his manhood quite nicely. If you have a underwear fetish like me your sure to enjoy Cason in briefs. After the camera’s close in on this beautiful exhibitionist as he works up a sweat pumping some weights.

All that weightlifting gets a young guy horny and soon Cason is bare naked jerking his hard throbbing dick in the locker room. For his third and final scene this horny frat jock is found in the bedroom with a butt plug buried deep in his hole, while jerking with the help of a masturbation toy. I was thrilled to finally see a guy enjoying some ass play on Fratmen and Cason sure gave us great scene here while playing with his toys. Hope you enjoy!

Young Straight Jock Enjoys First Gay BJ

Saturday, September 22nd, 2012

It’s always a positive signed when a straight newcomer lets himself get a gay blowjob so soon after doing his first porn solo. That newbie is none other then a sexy 19 year old named Andy. Andy is quite the jock and loves everything from wrestling to football.

I guess all those years of sports would be the reason Andy has such a fantastic athletic looking body. During his on camera interview, he tells us that he was a bit late in having his first sexual experience and didn’t loose his virginity till about two years ago. Since then he has been trying to do his best to make up for all those lost years without sex.


Fit Young Jock Lucian Strips Nude At His Workout

Friday, August 31st, 2012

Why is it were sometimes attracted to those sexy men with ultra touch guy attitudes? Maybe it’s just the thought of wanting what we think we can’t have or something deeper. Well today I have to share with you one of those type of guys but this one will at least let us watch, and who knows maybe he will do more!

Lucian is just one of the newest men to strip and give it a wank for the cameras on Fratmen. With his shaved head and that rough dude look I knew he was going to be fun to watch from the moment I spotted his first mugshot. For his debut into porn we join this tough jock in the gym as he works up and sweet, then proceeds to strip nude for us.

While workingout shirtless we get a great look at this jocks amazing build before he gets to the real good stuff. Finally Lucian flops his thick cock out over his jogging pants and begins to give it some sorely needed attention. We then join him in the shower were we enjoy his tone hard body as water cascades down onto his flawless athletic male physique. As if that wanted hot enough Lucian then proceeds to the bedroom where he finishes himself off with a spectacular cum drenching climax.

Sexy Bronzed Jock Surfs In The Buff On A Nude Beach

Thursday, August 23rd, 2012

Can you just imagine walking on the beach and stumbling onto a nude beach with this hottie surfing in the buff? Luke is a 20 yr. old surfer boy with cute boyish face and a slender smooth naked body that is absolute perfection. Lucky for us that encounter happened for the guys at Island Studs on a Hawaiian beach and Luke was totally cool with being filmed.

Once he he comes ashore from surfing Luke agrees to a little interview and tells the camera man that he keeps in good shape by surfing and working hard as a landscaper. After that he goes back to playing in the water by doing some back flips off a near by rock. As he walks back ashore every muscle in this young jocks nude wet body glistens in the sun.

As Luke plays on the skimboard we get to checkout that beautiful ass that is bright white from the tan lines made by his shorts. Finally Luke dries off and comes in to do a photo shoot be agreed too earlier. As he poses his thick uncut cock begins to grow hard and we get to see just how hung this sexy bronzed surfer dude really is.

Frat Muscle Jock Colt – Creams His Ripped Abs

Sunday, July 29th, 2012

How’s this for a fine young specimen? This weeks new frat model Colt is “all that” and more! Colt has muscles on top of muscles and he’s not at all shy about showing us that beautiful hard hunk body. How many of you wouldn’t want to be on their knees in front of this muscle man? I know I sure would!

While modeling shirtless in just his blue jeans Colt’s crotch begins to bulge in excitement. There is no underwear for this dude as we learn when he unbuttons that fly to unleash the beast! Colt’s cock is no less impressive then his body, big and veiny, just like I like them!

We then get to join this amazing muscle jock in the weight gym as he flexes nearly every muscle in his body while working out. Soon it’s this frat dudes cock that need a workout and he begins jerking right there in the gym. Colt pumps his shaft slowly getting himself all horny to give us a steamy seductive shower scene.

Under a stream of water Colt rubs down every inch of his muscular physique. I was particularity mesmerized as he caresses his beautiful plump smooth round ass, which may I add…looked perfectly fuckable! Once he washed off all the sweat from his workout Colt towels off and proceeds to the bedroom. In bed we get the pleasure of joining Colt for even more dick fist pumping action and a delectable finish…leaving those ripped abs of his covered with a icing of pearly white man cream.

Who’s with me in hoping we see more of Colt in a bit of man on man at the Fratpad?

Download His Entire Video Here On Fratmen

Rugged Football Jock Strips Down For A Jerk

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

I figured I was overdue in posting a sexy young football jock, so here he is. Heath has a rugged sexy look with a bit of scruffy facial hair and a well-definded slightly hairy chest. After tossing the football for a bit on the field, Heath returns to his room to share more.

Back at his apartment, the camera follows Heath into the bathroom for a amazing steamy shower scene. With water cascading down his naked muscular body, Heath handles his big frat cock getting it nice and hard for us. All horned up from the warm shower Heath towels off and heads straight into the bedroom for a release.

Naked in bed Heath lays face down and starts slowly humping the sheets. The sight of just his beautiful smooth ass slowly pumping up and down was so amazingly hot. He finally turns back over and begins jacking his huge shaft intensely. Just moments later Heath was brought to a climax and he shot his milky seed all over those stunning ripped abs.

Horny Frat Jock Sinks His Boner Deep At The Gym

Monday, July 9th, 2012

I always go for that college jock type of guy and of course there is nothing hotter then checking out those sexy men working out at the gym before classes. So this morning in my search for fresh porn to share with you, I discovered this amazing new video featuring delicious frat boy jocks Brandon Wilde and Dayton O’Connor.

Why searching for his buddy at the gym Brandon runs into Dayton who tells him he has a friend for him right here and pops his boner out from his gym shorts. Brandon didn’t hesitate for a second and soon found himself between Dayton’s thighs slurping down this dudes big hard dick on the bench. Dayton the repays that amazing blowjob with a good ass licking. He then reaches back and spreads his cheeks so Dayton can rim his ass even deeper while squatting over his face.

Next it’s time for a real workout. All that gym equipment comes in pretty useful, letting Dayton fuck Brandon in some hot unique positions. After mounting Dayton on the weight bench these horny boys then move to the incline bench. Dayton has Brandon bottoms up as he repeatedly sinks his big boner deep into that cute bubble butt.

If your like me this video is bound to provide you some very enjoyable dick jerking sessions.


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