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Second Look Men – Julian and Nathan

Monday, September 23rd, 2013

secondlook-julian1 secondlook-julian2 secondlook-julian3

Today I’m starting a new series of blog posts to address some gorgeous men you my have missed seeing.  Formally call Flashback Friday now called Second Look Men. My first two picks at Julian and Nathan from Fratmen. These two young men would catch your eye naked or clothed and thanks to this awesome site we get to drool over those athletic straight men like never before!


secondlook-nathan1 secondlook-nathan2 secondlook-nathan3

Blond MMA Fighter Hunk Returns For His First Gay Blowjob

Friday, June 22nd, 2012

Remember this flashback Friday frat? I would be surprised if you didn’t.

He has been making his way around several porn sites for over a year now, always just giving us a look at his gorgeous body during solo dick jerking scenes. He has gone by the name of Forest the hunky Mixed Martial Arts Fighter on Fratmen and then went on do a straight sex scene with Danielle on the  Corbin Fishers American College Sex site.

Now he is back to give us more and going by the name Jag for what is to be his first ever gay blowjob. This young guy finally agrees to gets his that nice college cock serviced by a very willing 19 year old twink named Joe. After discussing how the scene will go down and telling us a bit about themselves Jag drops his gym shorts under the lustful eye of Joe who can hardly takes his eyes off him throughout the video. Of course I don’t blame him, because this blond jock has a simply stunning smooth muscular bod on him.

Joe quickly gets to work sucking Jag and has him sporting a nice hard boner in just seconds. Typical of a straight boy during his first gay sex experience Jag keeps his eyes on the porn on the TV during the first half of the scene while Joe bobs up and down his cock. Next Joe strips naked and gets down between his legs to get more serious about getting him to cum.

Jag finally becomes a bit more relaxed and starts to really enjoy himself. Without hardly any warning Jag shoots his first load right into Joe’s mouth. Talk about hot!
Joe then sits down beside Jag on the couch and they both begin jerking off.

This time it’s Joe that climaxes and shoot a load onto his own lean smooth stomach. To everyone’s surprise Jag is ready to bust a nut for a second time and Joe again sucks him off until he is rewarded again with a nice fresh cumshot facial. Usually we are lucky to see one orgasm from a first time gay scene but Jag really delivers with two explosive cum shots.

Now I wonder if the guys at Straight Fraternity can pay him enough to go all the way with a dude, his next time around? That would be an amazing sight to behold!

See Joe Take Two Cumshots From Jag Here On Straight Fraternity

Flashback Friday Frats – Dustin

Friday, June 8th, 2012

I’m starting a new weekly post called Flashback Friday Frats to bring some sexy guys we all loved in the past back for a second look. Today that guy is Dustin Zito (Spencer) who was one the most popular men in the fratpad house. Dustin also later went on to cause a controversy about his porn past when he starred on the MTV Real World Series. Dustin opened up about his porn past on the show but denied doing gay sex scenes despite the evidence in the above pictures.

Download archive videos of Spencer from The Fratpad

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