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Adventurous Young Stud Shoots A Fountain Of Cum!

Monday, November 17th, 2014


Today I have for you a fresh young college stud named Cal. Corbin Fishers newest stud Cal is a adventurous outdoors type of guy. Indoors however, he spends plenty of time working out and keeping that hot body in shape, as well as having himself some hot sex. Cal’s love for fun and adventure doesn’t just apply to the outdoors, as this young stud is very sexual and knows how to have himself a good time. He’s got all of the right equipment for a good time, as well – a strong frame with big arms and a big chest, and that thick dick that he works a load out of!


Hunky College Jock Jerks Out A Big Wad!

Friday, June 27th, 2014


For those of you that like your guys on the muscular side, you’re going to love Dakota. Heck, all of us here at CF love Dakota! Not only is he totally buff and built, but this 20 year old also has a very youthful face, a great smile, and some pretty hot eyes – he’s the kind of all-American stud you’d see around campus and have your draw drop with one look at him.

Dakota really likes older women (I know what I want to come back as in my next life!) – in no small part because he likes it when women make the first move and are a bit aggressive. In fact, he’s been tied up by a woman before and likes to get a bit kinky with ‘em.

Dakota’s not the least bit shy, and eagerly strips down to show off that hot body for us. He’s a modest guy, but when prodded by Pete a bit says he thinks his pecs are probably the best part of his body (and I’d agree). He has plenty more assets to show off and share with us, though, and does precisely that as he rubs out a nice, big load.


Dustin First Time Naked In Front Of The Camera

Monday, June 9th, 2014


Dustin admits he was pretty nervous when he first arrived at Corbin Fisher. He’d never done anything like this before, so the experience of getting naked in front of the cameras (and in front of countless people that would be watching his introductory solo) was entirely new and even a bit intimidating.

When you look at Dustin, though, it’s fairly hard to imagine him being intimidated by anything. He’s a stud – ripped, muscular, wonderfully defined, and tremendously handsome; he’s quite the athlete, works out all the time, and is in flawless shape.


Hairy Hunk Blast Out The Biggest Cumshot Of His Life!

Tuesday, May 6th, 2014


Roby his a 6’4″ tall stud who has never messed around with guys, and was not really sure about even being able to do a solo with another guy in the room. Turns out he was worried for nothing and his cock pops out of his underwear rock hard. “I wanna play!” it was saying. But like a kid who gets in too deep too fast, just a few strokes and he was ready to nut.

Roby spends a lot of time playing with his balls or taint, avoiding his cock head as if it will bust just by brushing it. It is like torture watching him try to not bust! After teasing us with his virgin hairy hole this straight 22 year old turns to blast out the largest cum shot he said he ever shot!


Billy Get Caught Nude In The Bathroom

Monday, April 21st, 2014


Billy goes for a big night out he wants to really feel alive. His trust in a questionable character leads to his clothes mysteriously disappearing. Left in nothing but his pants he stumbles to the urinals and tries to take a piss while chatting with a guy. The sensation of having his cock flopping about in the open is stimulating for the boy in his energized state and everyone wants to get in on the thrill of Billy’s total nudity.


Cocky Muscular Jock Gets His Virgin Hairy Hole Fingered

Wednesday, March 5th, 2014


Jaime is about as arrogant as they come. Spending all his time at the gym, he’s perfected a sculpted muscular body that makes everyone salivate. His continuous bragging in the men’s loo while he gets more and more dosed irks the guys around him. They decide it’s finally time to take control of this cocky jock and see what he’s really made of by stripping him down naked and playing with his hairy anus.


Straight Bros Get Pushed To Their Limits

Monday, November 18th, 2013

Straight bros Warren and Kae go gay-for-pay on Straight Fraternity with a list of tasks to push their limits, everything including spanking, kissing, rimming and sucking dick. These horny young dudes get the hang of gay sex surprisingly fast!



Straight Young Stud Get His First Gay Handjob

Saturday, June 29th, 2013

Chaosmen model Marvel

19 year old Marvel is one sexy young stud who tells us he has always wanted to do porn. Once naked on the set though this boy found it a bit harder then he thought to get off on camera. They tried straight porn, gay porn but nothing seem to work to get this kid off. Even though he jerks-off everyday his nerves got the better of him.

He was hard from the start sporting a nice big boner and after sharing some peaks at his nice virgin asshole he turned back over to get some help jerking off. It turns out all this straight boy needed was a helping hand from another dude to bring him to a climax. Marvel finally ended his first porn shoot by shooting a nice big cumshot all over his smooth stomach! I sure hope we get to see more from this cute young stud.

Marvel gets naked in Chaosmen solo Straight stud gets a handjob


Dirty Straight Southern Boy Drenches Himself In Cum

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

Dirty Straight Southern Straight Boy Mick Jerks Off - 1

Here’s a fresh faced newcomer to the Broke Straight Boys studio that I know your going to love! His name is Mick and this southern boy has one fantastic lean sexy bod and nice large dick. Mick has his hand shoved down the front of his pants even before the camera’s start recording him and once he was out of his underwear he was already nearly rock solid.

Finally fully naked Mick stands before the camera tugging downward on his long shaft in slow sensual strokes. Back on the leather couch Mick lays face down and lets us admire his beautiful slightly hairy ass. Mick pulls his cock back between his legs and once again begins stroking his pole.

This dirty southern boy then reaches back and spreads those beautiful buns to reveal his little virgin hairy hole that looks ripe for the taking. Once he finsihed teasting us with that cute little ass, Mick turns back over and continues his jerking session till he’s brought to a climax. With a final thrust of his hips into his clenched fist Mick streams out a tremendous load of cum onto his skinny little stomach. Hope you all enjoy watching Mick cum as much as I did! I have a feeling this isn’t the last we see of him!

Straight Boy Mick Jerks Off - 2

Straight Blue-eyed Frat Model Is Packing One Big Fat Dick

Monday, April 8th, 2013

Straight Fratmen Erik - 1

Erik is a straight horny new Fratmen model with an amazing tone slender body and an even more amazing extra large dick. Dropping his jean for a jerk Erik’s big fat frat dick pops out from his fly and quickly comes to life.

This blue eyed young stud tells the Fratmen camera man how much he loves getting blowjobs and sex doggystyle. After the camera gives us a amazing up-close and personal tour of his beautiful nude physic, Erik stokes himself to a spectacular climax that leaves his hard abs dripped in jizz!

Straight Fratmen Erik - 2

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