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College Swim Jock Graham

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I’m sure you enjoy watching hot male college swimmers as much as I do. Those tight swim speedo’s leave little to the imagination and that is exactly what I love about the sport. It’s just too bad most teams are now going to the less revealing full body swim suits.

The newest addition to the FratMen site is Graham. This 19 years old jock is on the swim team at his college and even shows us some of his moves in the pool. Any guy that can come out in public wearing nothing more then a skimpy speedo has to be comfortable with his body. Graham is so comfortable that he gets nude and shares every inch of his sexy swimmers build body with us all. Graham hits the shower after his swim and we get to watch as the water streams down his naked torso and over his nice round bubble butt. He then heads to the bedroom where he jerks his shaft and puts on a solo show that was simply amazing!

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