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Is This Cute Dude Cut or Uncut?

Today I want some work from you all. So your task is too guess if this gorgeous young studs dick is cut or uncut. After you vote, click the blue arrow graphic below to see if you were right. No cheating boys!

Guess his dick!

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If you guess this young dude was (uncut). You were correct! Delicious looking dick, isn’t it?


6 Responses to “Is This Cute Dude Cut or Uncut?”

  1. william Says:

    Actually it looks yucky. This is the kind of uncut cock that just turns me off!

  2. ken Says:

    i like uncuts to play

  3. Zachery41 Says:

    I happen to love his big long cock!

  4. Tage Says:

    Nice dick. I’d like to see more photos of this guy.

  5. Science Monk Says:

    I predicted correctly, that this gent is uncut – but only because I had some help.

    I know a woman – an anti-circumcision crusader – who taught me how she can determine a man’s circumcision status WITHOUT first looking in his pants. She said that men, who are uncut, have a calmer, more self-assured disposition. Men cut-as-infants, on the other hand, act more like they were raised by a capricious disciplinarian who used an electric cattle prod on him. Cut men are mentally hypervigilant, always looking – at subliminal level – for the next shock to their system.

    At first, I was skeptical of this woman’s claim, but my own careful observations (after carefully excluding other ques, like ethnic affiliation) over the years confirmed – with surprising accuracy – that she was right.

    The gent in the photo looks like he has a calmer disposition than most. He also leans back in a manner that would put him in a compromising position should his genitals be painfully attacked once again, like they were on circumcision day. A cut man would be reluctant to do this.

    Thus, I correctly predicted he would be uncut (i.e., genitally intact).

  6. James Says:

    I agree totally, I don’t know why anyone would want to scar a boy for life…it’s ridiculous.!!!

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