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Passed Out Boy Gets Head

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Kyle notices Hunter passed out on the couch. I tell Kyle that we should fuck with him, that I told Hunter the next time he passed out that we were going to do something evil to him. Kyle laughs and thinks that is pretty funny. I told him that he should blow him and make him cum all over himself since he is drunk and passed out. Kyle then starts to unzip him and pull out his cock. As always Hunter is running around commando. Kyle starts to stroke his cock, and he begins to get hard. Kyle starts to suck that dick a bit tenderly at first afraid that Hunter might wake up. When I tell him to slide his pants down, he does, and Hunter doesn’t even wake up when he moves the pillow into a better position on his dick.

When Kyle pulls down his own jeans and to our delight he doesn’t have on any underwear either. What is with all these college guys running around without briefs anyways?  You can hear that wet slurping sound as Kyle continues to suck on Hunter and strokes his own dick. While it took a lot of sucking and jerking he eventually got Hunter to cum passed out. That boy shot a huge cum load onto Kyle’s face that was pretty impressive. Hunter never even woke up during the entire BJ, that was pretty wild.

One Response to “Passed Out Boy Gets Head”

  1. Jason Says:

    Hunter is smooth very little pubic hair

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