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Young Muscle Jocks Fuck In The Weight Room

Two amazing looking college jocks Aiden and Cain come together for a awesome scene that is as hot as the cum!

Watch The Full Scene Of Aiden Fucking Cain Here

The guys first start playing some tag football in the yard when your hormones get the best of them and Cain can no longer wait to get his hands of Aiden’s stunning muscular body. Cain caresses his hands over Aiden’s massive chest before leaning down to lick his nipples. That is all it took to prime both men and they strip down naked and get to work on worshiping each others bodies. The guys move inside to the weight room where things really heat up between them. Once again Cain is the first to make a move as he drops to his knees with Aiden’s huge thick cock staring him in the face. Cain wastes little time and quickly swallows up the thick cock that Aiden is offering to him. Aiden grabs the back of Cain’s head and fucks his beautiful face with all his might. Cain doesn’t back off for even once second as he deep throats even inch of Aiden’s thick manhood. Next it’s Aiden’s to have a taste of Cain’s long dick. He gets down on his knee and starts teasing the head of Cain’s cock with his tongue before eventually wrapping his lips around his shaft and working up and down it’s 8″ length.

A few minutes into getting his dick suck, Cain moans out “I want you to fuck me”.  Aiden is quick to take him up on that off and lubes his massive dick up just before bending Cain over on the weight-bench. Aiden slowly works the head of his enormous cock into Cain’s tight muscular ass. Cain moans with intense pleasure as his hole is penetrated even deeper. Aiden then flips Cain onto his back to pound his eager man hole missionary-style. As he slams his huge cock in and out of cain hole it drives him more and more wild with ecstasy.

Without warning Cain explodes a huge load of cum all over his hard abs as Aiden continues drilling away as him. A few thrusts of his hip into Cain’s ass later and he is ready to blow. Aiden quickly pulls out of Cain’s ass and blasts a gusher of cum all over Cain leaving hardly a inch of his chest that is not covered in jizz. After the guys  catch their breath they hit the shower to clean up the hot mess they just made. He get to watch as they soap of each others massive muscular naked bodies and things get heat up between these young horny studs once again.

2 Responses to “Young Muscle Jocks Fuck In The Weight Room”

  1. Jason Says:

    When do we get to see a full on view of Aiden butt ???

  2. Anonymous Says:

    they are sexy

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